Advance Financial provides asset based loans and receivable financing to young and rapidly growing small businesses.

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Advance Financial is a member of the Commercial Finance Association. We specialize in asset based loans and receivable financing.

Welcome. We are Advance Financial.
Your personal asset based lending specialists.

Don’t be fooled by imitators. Advance Financial has provided asset based loans and receivable financing for over 40 years. We do not provide ‘payday’ loans.

Our programs provide valuable working capital via asset based loans, revolving lines of credit and receivable financing to assist and promote small business growth when traditional bank funding is unavailable.

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The benefits of Advance Financialís reporting can help a company manage accounts receivable more efficiently. An AFC Account Executive is responsible for servicing your asset based loan and receivable financing needs on a daily basis by providing financed invoice summaries, accounts receivable agings and customer payment summaries.

For Bankers

As a lender, you are continually faced with credit requests that range from easy to impossible. Somewhere in the middle, you often find companies with good ideas, good management and products that are simply beyond your policy reach due to lack of pledgeable assets or maturity. Advance Financial provides a solution for your customers without supplanting your banking relationship.

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Advance Financial is an experienced asset based lender providing asset based small business loans, revolving lines of credit and receivable financing  to companies  that may not be in a favorable position for bank financing. AFC also manages and participates  in lending relationships with regional banks, leveraging Advance Financial's reporting capabilities on behalf of the client.


AFC’s programs are designed to improve the cash flow of growing businesses. In most cases, a line of credit will increase on a 1 to 1 ratio with sales. This flexibility allows the business to expand as rapidly as demand will allow. We help companies grow!

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Advance Financial Corporation welcomes your inquiry regarding its asset based loan and receivable financing programs. Bank participations and partnerships are an important part of Advance Financial's asset based lending and receivable finance programs.

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